Monday, July 4, 2011

Look Here for Dividend Growth. Many Investors are Looking for General Electric to Raise its Dividend Again.

General Electric could be well on its way to becoming a dividend aristocrat again. Having once paid a dividend of 31cents per quarter, the company was forced to slash its dividend to 10cents during the height of the financial crisis. MarketWatch, among others, have begun reporting that the company is poised to raise its dividend again. 

GE, (NYSE: GE), has now boosted its dividend for the last three quarters and it now stands at a healthy 15cents per share. Half of what it once was, but rising quickly. The CEO, Jeff Immelt, noted that the company's financial health is back on track, and that he hopes to have GE back to issuing annual dividend increases... something the Intelligent Investor should look for. 

The company has a much simpler group of businesses than it did pre-recession, having downsized its financial wing, and spun off its entertainment division into a joint-venture. On the horizon is big growth in its energy infrastructure unit, which has been making key strategic acquisitions during recent years. So, to include some dividend growth in your portfolio, and help you diversify away from your Canadian bread and butter, take a look at General Electric. 

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