Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can RIM Recover? New Article from Maclean's on Research in Motion.

A recent article in Maclean's highlights more of the issues and uncertainties at Canada's technological giant Research in Motion (TSE: RIM).

"RIM’s hopes are pinned on an operating system made by QNX Software Systems, an Ottawa-based company RIM scooped up last year. The software is already running the PlayBook and will eventually power every BlackBerry in RIM’s lineup. But the PlayBook’s troubled launch—reviewers have seized on a lack of key applications, like native email—has raised nagging questions about RIM’s ability to execute its plan. Nor does it help that the updated BlackBerries that were supposed to whet consumer’s appetites in the meantime using the new BlackBerry 7 operating system have been delayed—reportedly because RIM realized midway through their development that the phones would be outdated before they hit store shelves."

Abstract is from: Maclean'

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