Monday, March 30, 2009

Recession Proof Stocks.

Afraid that the economy might not rebound any time soon. How about investing in some companies with businesses that will keep taking money from people long after unemployment has reared its ugly head.

Typically, the tobacco stocks have always been stalwarts during tough times, how about Altria, ticker MO (NYSE). With a dividend yield above 7 percent, it sure pays you to wait for a recovery.

Food and beverage stocks usually help to fend off the bear as well. Kraft, symbol KFT (NYSE), or Saputo, SAP (TSE) are wise choices, as is Coca-Cola, KO (NYSE).

Lastly, a cheap luxury should do your portfolio some good as well. Try Hershey's, HSY in New York. People's didn't stop buying their delights even during the Great Depression.