SLC Course Information - Investment Fundamentals

General Course Outline - Subject to change based on student needs and interest. 

Phase One

- The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
- Introduction to Principal Course Material
- The Canadian Investment Marketplace / Capital Markets

- The Canadian Economy and Key Economic Metrics
- Economic Principles and Fundamentals
- Investing versus Speculation

- Fixed Income Securities
- Types of Bonds and Debentures
- Rating Agencies and Debt Ratios
- Inflation and the Intelligent Investor
- Introduction to Industry and Sector Analysis

- Analyzing Individual Stocks / Equities
- Key Ratios and Analytical Tools for Investors
- Stock Market History and Harnessing Investor Emotions
- Where and How Can You Conduct Stock Research?

Phase Two

- Corporations and Their Financial Statements (Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow)
- Analysing Markets and Products
- Technical and Fundamental Analysis
- Derivatives
- The Portfolio Approach and General Portfolio Policy
- Financial Planning and Taxation
- Managed Products
- Stock Analysis
- Stock Selection for the Defensive Investor

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